Sometimes you have to take a break…

Well, I’ve been taking a little break from photography (not that anyone cares because as far as I can see, no one is reading this blog)(not that I would blame them – these things are a supreme act of narcissism). It’s not that I’m not shooting at all, but I’m not focusing on it nearly as much.

For awhile there I was placing a bit too much attention to the craft (or rather, attempted craft) and frankly trying too hard when there just wasn’t much to shoot. The problem is if you’re not traveling, you’re usually treading over the same spots over and over again and often you’re doing so hoping some new inspiration will come along. When it doesn’t it can slowly eat at you.

I think the other thing that put me off was shooting some medium format Velvia (quite a bit really) and being disappointed with the results. It just didn’t look as good as I remember it (or frankly as good as my old slides!). Then again, I blew a ton of shots out of what I would call “digital laziness”. That is, you get used to not having to deal with 50 ASA and the shutter speeds that go with it.

So, I’m laying off a bit and waiting for inspiration to take me again. Already after about a month now I’m starting to get the itch again, so I think it’s a good thing.

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