Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

How to get older Fuji S5 firmware versions

So you’ve upgraded your Fuji S5 firmware to the latest and greatest, yet you aren’t totally satisfied. How do you get the old version?


where “<VERSION>” is replaced by the version youi want minus the dots. So, for version 1.09 it’d be:

(don’t forget the “v” in frontĀ  of the version number).

Incidentally, rather than using their software to copy the update, the easiest way is to copy the downloaded “FPUPDATE.DAT” to the top level of your compact flash card, and then upgrade following Fuji’s normal instructions (make sure you have a charged battery and power on with the “BACK” button pushed down).

Despite claims from Fuji otherwise, you can also downgrade by copying an old “FPUPDATE.DAT” on the card and using the same “update” directions.

Many thanks to “acrystalball” for publishing this on the DPReview Fuji SLR Forum.

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