Site "To Do":

A starter list (there'll be more!!!):

  1. Add cookie to not show main splash screen if already done.
  2. Add JavaScript with cookie in front of image view (from slide) to force user to accept license agreement (once) before seeing larger view.
  3. Add real content to main page. For now perhaps make it so that when you come in it shows "Try It" banner but if you press home image it jumps to a real main page.
  4. Break up Image Gallery by categories.
  5. Draw up legal agreements for one time and unlimited use.
  6. Create price list for all categories of use.
  7. List prices for printed and mounted images.
  8. Create table (hyperlinked with anchors) with information on each image (including price list).
  9. Write Help.
  10. Build Search (will require CGI).
  11. Create Photographers page(s).
  12. Create a "Photographers Forum" section for printing useful information for photographers, comments, etc.
  13. Add more images!
  14. Convert table based slide mount to DHTML DIV tags placement with transparent center.
  15. Float © over bottom of slide mount.
  16. Add Copyright BOINK! blah, blah, on bottom left corner to Photoshop action for medium sized images.
  17. Store images by photographer in single area regardless of where images will be used.

BOINK! Photography © 2000. All rights reserved. Legal terms.